Matching your specifications

Leather piping is found on products throughout the fashion industry. It is used on boots, shoes, hand bags, purses, both men’s and women’s garments, and accessory items. LMI can produce leather or vinyl piping, with varying cords inserted in the middle of the piping to help reinforce for additional durability, or to help get the precise feel/firmness you desire from your piping. LMI can provide the exact color and texture of leather or other materials you need to give your project the perfect trim.

Leather Braids

Design the perfect braid for your project

Leather Braids come in a variety of sizes and patterns. From the traditional 3, 5, 7, and 9 strand flat braids, to the 4 and 8 strand round braids, let Lunder Manufacturing help design the perfect braid for your project. In addition to the traditional braids, LMI can produce weavettes and spinnets, giving you exactly the look you want for your jewelry, hand bag, or other accessory items. Braids can be single colors, or have several colors intertwined giving you nearly endless possibilities.


Custom handles for every need

Whether it is a tote bag, handbag, or the latest style in purses, LMI provides custom handles for every need. Our handles are incredibly durable and time tested. With varying materials, colors, and end finishes, Lunder Manufacturing will produce the handle that makes carrying your bag both comfortable and fashionable.


Design the perfect finishing touch for your project

Our Leather lacing can be used in a variety of ways: from belt lacing, boot and shoe lacing, to garments, jewelry, and accessory items, LMI produces laces custom to your needs. We will consider thickness, durability, and colors in helping you design the perfect finishing touch for your project.


From traditional to specialized

Our variety of sewing machines allows us to do several different types of stitching to your leather or man made product. From the traditional 1 and 2 row edge stitching, to inside stitching, we will finish your product to make it both strong and attractive to your customers. Choose matching or contrasting thread to customize your look. LMI can also provide FRT (Flame Retardant Thread) for those truly specific needs of firemen and others who work in extreme conditions.


Bringing your project together

Lunder Manufacturing will custom design the binding that will truly bring your project together. From books to boots, LMI uses various finishes in our bindings including anywhere from single to quadruple folds, giving you the exact durability, thickness, and look that you need for your project. If you need more flexibility from your binding, we can pink or slash your product making it easier to bend and curl around tight corners. In addition to varying folds and widths, LMI can reinforce your binding in several ways to provide unmatched durability and the custom look you want.


Spanning the needs of fashion, equestrian, and allied industries

Our leather straps can be designed to fit your project. We will customize the width, finish, and strength of the straps which can be used in various products spanning the fashion, equestrian, and allied industries. Please have a look at the photos of all our product categories to get an idea of some of the components that Lunder Manufacturing can produce for you and your business.

Custom Cutting & Slitting

Precise cuts every time

Lunder Manufacturing can cut rolls of vinyl and fabric exactly how you want. With an all new laser guided end cutter, we take precise cuts every time.

  • Maximum material width of 72″
  • Maximum roll diameter of 20″
  • Maximum roll weight of 300 lbs.
  • Choice of cores: 1 ½” or 3″